In UK cinemas now. Online from 23rd Jan 2017.

The New Man

  • "Candid introspection and self-interrogation... profoundly moving." Wendy Ide

  • "Compelling and revealing" Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

  • "Unsparingly intimate... utterly compelling" Matthew Reisz

  • "Very, very moving and revealing.. told with great honesty and love" Mark Kermode

  • "Lovely, personal and abjectly honest... Very funny and poignant" Peter Bradshaw

  • “Moving, insightful and beautifully crafted.” Dave Calhoun

  • “The New Man is a film about maleness, parenthood, mortality, Jewishness and sex. If it had a bit about football, it might be my favourite ever.” David Baddiel

A married couple (writer Devorah Baum & filmmaker Josh Appignanesi, The Infidel) turn the camera on themselves as they undergo the sometimes hilarious ordeal of becoming parents in our era of IVF, late reproduction, and the crisis of masculinity. But when life-threatening complications hit, they’re tested to the brink. What emerges is an intimate, moving portrait of a generation going through a revolution that no-one’s talking about.

En route we encounter the likes of Zadie Smith, John Berger, Antony Gormley, Slavoj Žižek, Hisham Matar, Darian Leader (20,000 Days on Earth) and David Schneider.

It’s a film for anyone who has children, is thinking of having them, or still feels like a child themselves.


Josh Appignanesi directed feature films including ethnic indie comedy hit The Infidel, the award-winning drama Song of Songs, and co-wrote Sarah Jessica Parker's All Roads Lead to Rome. He has collaborated with Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed as well as talent such as Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Sara Kestelman and John Malkovich.

Devorah Baum is Lecturer in English Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Southampton. She is the author of two forthcoming books, Feeling Jewish (a book for just about anyone) (Yale University Press, 2017) and The Jewish Joke (Profile Books, 2017). This is her debut film as director.

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Executive Producers:

David Baddiel & Charlie Phillips

Associate Producers:

Mia Bays Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of (Producer, 2015), Lilting (Creative Producer, 2014), Ill Manors (Creative Executive, 2012), Shifty (Marketing Consultant, 2008), Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Producer, 2006)

Sarah Mosses They’ll Have To Kill Us First (Producer, 2015), Planetary (Co-Producer, 2015). Film consultant and impact strategist, CEO of Together Films.