In UK cinemas now. Online from 23rd Jan 2017.

The New Man

In theatres now!

Watch online from Jan 23rd 2017

National Discover Tuesdays screening event with Picturehouse Cinemas on Jan 24th 2017

Upcoming screenings

Date Venue
Nottingham Broadway Cinema

The New Man is currently screening in cinemas, leading up to a special national Discover Tuesdays event on Tuesday 24th January 2017 in partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas. The film will also be available on all major VOD platforms from Monday 23rd January 2017.

Want to watch the film on the big screen but can't see your city listed above? Let us know!

Past screenings

Date Venue
Nov 9 6:45pm UK Jewish Film Festival (Q&A) Phoenix Cinema
Nov 16 6:30pm London (Q&A) Picturehouse Central
Nov 21 8:30pm London JW3
Nov 22 10:30am London JW3
Nov 23 6:30pm London JW3
Nov 24 2:30pm London JW3
Nov 24 6:30pm London JW3
Nov 25 6:00pm London Picturehouse Central
Nov 26 11:00am London Crouch End Picturehouse
Nov 26 4:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Nov 26 9:00pm London JW3
Nov 27 5:00pm London Picturehouse Central
Dec 1 10:30am London Clapham Picturehouse
Dec 1 7:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Dec 14 6:30pm London Bertha DocHouse (Curzon Bloomsbury)
Jan 15 12:00pm Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
Jan 17 6:15pm Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
Jan 24 1:15pm London Clapham Picturehouse
Jan 24 4:00pm London East Dulwich Picturehouse
Jan 24 4:15pm Oxford Phoenix Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:00pm Bradford National Media Museum
Jan 24 6:00pm Edinburgh The Cameo
Jan 24 6:00pm Liverpool Picturehouse at FACT
Jan 24 6:00pm London Greenwich Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:10pm London Crouch End Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:15pm Bath Little Theatre Cinema
Jan 24 6:15pm Norwich Cinema City
Jan 24 6:15pm Southampton Harbour Lights Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:30pm Brighton Dukes At Komedia
Jan 24 6:30pm Exeter Exeter Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:30pm London Ritzy Cinema
Jan 24 6:30pm London Stratford Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Jan 24 6:30pm London Hackney Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:30pm Stratford-upon-Avon Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse
Jan 24 6:30pm York City Screen
Jan 24 8:45pm Henley-On-Thames Regal Picturehouse
Jan 24 8:45pm London Clapham Picturehouse
Jan 25 11:00am Brighton Dukes At Komedia
Feb 12 3:45pm Manchester HOME Cinema Plus Q&A
Feb 21 6:00pm Nottingham Broadway - Q&A
Mar 26 3:00pm Bristol Watershed
Apr 25 8:30pm London HMV Curzon Wimbledon / Wimbledon Film Club with Q&A

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